15 Apr, 2020

Amidst a global pandemic, people from all around the world have contributed to show solidarity and to help one another. This has demonstrated to be a significant factor in propelling us past the negative effects that this current crisis can has brought upon our emotional wellness. As a personal contribution to the initiative, we asked our team at Abjad Design to explain how they are spending their time at home. And so, we have gathered tips that we would like to share with you all in an effort to collectively uplift our spirits. 


Although it may seem so easy to get caught up with all the anxieties that this crisis has brought upon us, here at Abjad Design we believe that life doesn’t stop. From the start, we felt like it was important for our teams to be as productive as possible in order to stay positive. The world has changed and we have to accept the struggle that comes with the fact that it is not simple to adopt positive habits during such hardships. Let’s take the time to challenge ourselves and come out of our comfort zones; to resist the uncertainty that has fallen upon us. The strategy we have adopted regarding the situation is built on the ideology of “Stay Safe & Keep Busy”. Not only does it serve as a diversion from what’s going on around us, but it also allows for room to feel for fulfillment in achieving something despite the logistical restrictions that have been placed. An emancipation if you will.   


More importantly we need to understand that such activities aren’t meant to make us feel good simply because we’re physically practicing them, but because the intrinsic value lies in self-fulfillment. We want everyone to join the journey of self-betterment through adopting positive attitudes and habits that engage the senses and imagination. This can be achieved by practicing how to live the moment through being active, open, and dedicating attention to the present. Fulfillment takes on many forms, we have curated some of our team’s personal favorites below. Join us on the journey of The New Normal! 


  • Catch up on an unread book: Account Executive & Social Media Manager Adeeb shares his feel-good book. “This has been one of my most surprising read of the year so far. I recommend the audiobook of Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid because it is a full-cast produced audiobook that is written like a documentary, where the set of characters talk about their journey through a rock band. This book is fun and gritty, but also no different from the story of the many rock bands you've heard about. It's about love, music, breakup, and more but told through a fresh medium. (Oh and as a bonus, you have a guitar production of one of the songs in the book)”
  • Design and brainstorm digital solutions: Senior Brand Designer Rodolfo tells us about a day in his working life from home whilst being surrounded by his twins. In the life before The New Normal, our creativity and ideation came to us during various openings where we had to roll up our sleeves for a new brief from a client.  Now from the moment I wake up till I go to bed, I have multiple briefs to tend to from two more little creative directors and a new managing partner. The day starts with feeding the new creative directors a bowl of design and innovation so they go about their day without having to ask for more. Not going to lie, their feedback makes me as resourceful as regular clients want us to be. They’re innovative and I know it” 
  • Create a workout routine from home: Co-founder & Art Director Diana resorts to exercising in order to be focused and increase her mental clarity. “I recommend everyone to start working out in order to uplift their moods and have a balanced lifestyle”. She suggests following a Youtube workout routine or watching Live streams of workouts as a way to get motivated. As we all know, working out has great benefit for our mind, body, and soul. 
  • Reassess our purpose: Senior Account Manager Jemicah shares her food for thought regarding the situation. “Now more than ever, we will need to re-define the meaning of humanity. In a world that seems scarce, there is an abundance of opportunity for growth. I take this time to reflect on the issues and stages that led us to such an unprecedented time as I believe an awareness of our personal roles in what we deemed normal is crucial in this time of re-birth. Once we have a strong purpose, we can truly act according to our values and hopefully design a world that is compassionate and just”. 
  • Take your time to adapt and know you are not alone: Designer and Illustrator Nora shares the importance of taking the time to process one’s emotions. “It’s okay to not be okay for a while. These are strange times and perhaps we can find peace in knowing we are not alone in this. Take the time to breath, accept the feelings you might be having.” She adds that one thing that helps is keeping an eye out on charities that provide relief to the people affected by the crisis. There are many people in need, and now, more than ever, is the time to reach out and help if we can. 
  • Focus your energy into something fun: Office Admin Riza shares her tips on how to have fun whilst at home. “I am currently cooking more with my loved ones and dedicating time for exercising every morning. I also have a movie marathon every weekend and catch up on all the movies that I have missed." She also suggests decluttering your living space through following the Marie Kondo technique.
  • Spend more time with your family: Senior Account Manager Haya shares her absolute happy blessings that we can all go through too. “In those tough times, it’s very easy to look at the dark side of the story but I chose to simply enjoy what I have around me. Whether it’s by simply helping your mother out with the cooking, watching a football game with your father or simply arguing with any of your siblings, you do discover more of the other person’s humor, creativity, hobbies, skills, laziness. Almost, as much as knowing all the little characteristics of your best friend. And now, I discovered, family could be like your best friend too and more.”
  • Write a gratitude list: Account Executive Noor shares her tips for happiness and self-fulfillment through a simple writing exercise. “I do this whenever I face a challenging day. I recommend you set aside a journal solely for this routine. I write the reasons why I feel thankful and jot down my blessings. There are no rules to this routine, you can write anywhere and anytime you feel like it. I do this routine as a mechanism to generate positive energy and maintain focus on what I have rather than what I don’t. It's a great technique to remain grounded and optimistic”
  • Bonus Financial tips brought to you by our Finance department: Daniel Obtera presents a few financial tips during these challenging times, many of us are thinking of ways we can manage our expenses. Friends will make suggestions, and loved ones may recommend cutting down on major expenses. But how does one exactly determine what is essential and what can be cut off either permanently or temporarily? Daniel suggest that we review our subscriptions and monthly recurring charges such as : 


-Digital subscriptions from the Google store or Apple Store.  

-Credit or Debit Card monthly statements

-Premium subscriptions (Or you may want to share with friends or family)

-Gym memberships  

-Home telephone and TV services

-Add-on services 

-Extra premium TV Channels or additional international minutes

-Service extensions for children or family members

-Monthly bank service charges 


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